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14.5. Keyboard Shortcuts

MetaTrader 4 is a robust trading platform, loaded with a whole host of user-friendly features. The various technical and trading tools can not only be launched via the on-screen menus, but can also be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. This comes in especially handy when you need to place a trade fast, or are tracking multiple markets simultaneously.

Shortcuts to Maximize MetaTrader 4 Functionality

This article will provide a comprehensive list of the most useful MT4 keyboard shortcuts.


  • F1 – Opens the MT4 “User Guide.”
  • F2 – Loads the “History Center.”
  • F3 – Launches the “Global Variables” window.
  • F4 – Pops open the “MetaEditor.”
  • F6 – Loads the “Tester” window that is used to test the Expert Advisors attached to charts.
  • F7 – Launches the “Properties” window of the Expert Advisors attached to charts.
  • F8 – Opens the “Chart Setup” window.
  • F9 – Opens the “New Order” window.
  • F10 – Loads the “Pop-up Prices” window.
  • F11 – Enables or disables the full screen mode.
  • F12 – Shifts the chart by one bar to the left.


  • Ctrl+A – Reverts all indicator windows heights to their default.
  • Ctrl+B – Opens the “Objects List” window.
  • Ctrl+C – Copies to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl+E – Enables or disables Expert Advisors.
  • Ctrl+F – Enables the “Crosshair” chart feature.
  • Ctrl+G – Reveals or hides the chart grid.
  • Ctrl+H – Shows or hides the Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) line.
  • Ctrl+I – Loads the “Indicators List.”
  • Ctrl+L – Enables or disables the “Volumes” chart pane.
  • Ctrl+P – Prints the currently loaded chart.
  • Ctrl+S – Saves the chart.
  • Ctrl+W – Shuts down the chart window.
  • Ctrl+Y – Shows or hides the chart period separators.
  • Ctrl+Z – Undoes any object deletion.
  • Ctrl+D – Launches or closes the “Data Window”.
  • Ctrl+M – Launches or closes the “Market Watch” window.
  • Ctrl+N – Launches or closes the “Navigator” window.
  • Ctrl+O – Loads the “Options” window.
  • Ctrl+R – Enables or disables the “Tester” window.
  • Ctrl+T – Loads the “Terminal” pane.
  • Ctrl+F5 – Switches to the next profile.
  • Ctrl+F6 – Opens the next chart window.


  • Alt+1 – Transforms the chart as a sequence of bars.
  • Alt+2 – Transforms the chart as a sequence of candlesticks.
  • Alt+3 – Transforms the chart as a sequence of dots connected by a line.
  • Alt+A – Copies all optimization results on to the clipboard.
  • Alt+W – Loads the chart managing window.
  • Alt+F4 – Shuts down the client terminal.
  • Alt+Backspace – Undoes any object deletion.


  • Shift+F12 – Shifts the chart by one bar to the right.
  • Shift+F5 – Activates the previous profile.


  • “Left Arrow” – Scrolls the chart to the left.
  • “Right Arrow” – Scrolls the chart to the right.
  • “Up Arrow” – In case the scale is defined, the chart is scrolled up.
  • “Down Arrow” – In case the scale is defined, the chart is scrolled down.
  • Page Up – Fast scrolls the chart to the left.
  • Page Down – Fast scrolls the chart to the right.
  • Home – Returns the chart to the starting point.
  • End – Shifts the chart to the end point.
  • “-” – Zooms out the chart.
  • “+” – Zooms in on the chart.
  • Delete – Deletes the selected graphical objects.
  • Backspace – Deletes the last added chart object.
  • Enter – Opens or shuts the fast navigation window.
  • Esc – Closes the dialog box.

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