Trading Academy

The ChoosaBroker Trading Academy

Learn the skills required for effective trading in the world’s largest market with over 5 trillion dollars trading every day! Appreciate the first steps through to advanced strategies. Learn at a pace that suits supported by quizzes and other information.

What you’ll learn about Forex Trading & Investing


  • An Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Breakdown of Asset Classes
  • Categories of Financial Market Participants
  • Portfolio Management


  • Introduction to Forex
  • Introduction to Stocks and Indices
  • Introduction to Commodities
  • Introduction to CFDs
  • Introduction to ETFs

Advanced Modules

  • Different Forms of Asset Analysis
  • Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Basics of Fundamental Analysis
  • Basics of Meta Trader 4
  • Advanced Meta Trader 4 Tools
Course Description

This trading course is designed primarily for beginner investors looking into trading Forex (Foreign Exchange) as well as other key trading instruments. This is an entirely free course put together in consultation with a many traders and investors that Choosabroker works with. Each section will contain the core information that is required around understanding the markets, through to the best trading tools, working with top brokers and understanding key terms such as CFD (Contract For Difference) and who are the leading CFD brokers. This will be followed by a quiz to ensure that the key information has been absorbed. Every week we will be releasing two new lessons as we work through each of the modules. If you want to be notified that a new lesson is available, please complete the online form.

Course Outline

The entire course is outlined in 14 core modules with a number of lessons in each. As these are released so you can select and complete the course including the quiz at the end. To be notified, please sign up to our Trading Academy.

Beginner Modules
Intermediate Modules
Advanced Modules