Degiro Broker review

Choosabroker Degiro Broker Review

Discount broker DeGiro serves the European market extremely well. The online brokerage is also a great option for traders who want access to low fees. However, DeGiro also has some downsides which we will detail. Choosabroker reviews the type of traders which this online brokerage is most suitable for.

DeGiro Broker Review Benefits DeGiro Broker Drawbacks
Attractive brokerage option for a beginner trader with low fees Poor choice for more advanced traders given the limited analysis tools
Traders can access markets which online brokerages typically do not offer such as options and overseas shares No access to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform
Well-designed user interface Only serves European-based traders
Users can access bonds and certain IPO opportunities There is no access to the forex or cryptocurrency markets

DeGiro is different from most forex brokers you will find on Choosabroker. Founded in the Netherlands in 2008, DeGiro traders access the markets through a trading platform developed in-house by the DeGiro team. Although DeGiro began as a wholesale broker, the business model changed in 2013 to providing trading services to retail clients.

DeGiro positions itself as a discount broker in the online brokerage market. DeGiro is completely focused on serving the European market which also makes it distinct from most other online brokerages. DeGiro serves more than 450 thousand clients in eighteen European countries including the UK, the Netherlands, and Ireland

The Degiro brokerage was acquired by German online brokerage company Flatex in 2019 for $250 million. This made DeGiro part of a much larger brokerage business that provides B2C and B2B brokerage services to a wide European market.

The DeGiro brokerage is under the watch of the AFM and DNB while also being regulated and authorized by the FCA. While DeGiro serves the European market extremely well, traders residing outside of Europe will not be able to use this online brokerage.

Markets Available to DeGiro Traders

Although DeGiro only serves European clients, those traders do have access to shares in markets which are commonly not offered by online brokerages. In addition to European and North American stock markets, DeGiro customers can trade in overseas stock markets which include Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

DeGiro users can access multiple markets. Products available to trade through the online brokerage include shares, ETFs, bonds, CFDs, bonds, options, and futures.

There are upsides and downsides to Degiro’s product offering. Traders can access markets such as options and bonds which are typically not offered by online brokerages. But on the downside, they do not have access to the forex markets which are a popular market provided by online brokers. However, there are ETF products which traders can use to gain exposure to various forex products.

There are more tradeoffs in the financial markets available when choosing DeGiro as a broker. Markets that have been high in demand such as the cryptocurrency markets are unavailable with DeGiro. However, some IPO opportunities are available which are typically not offered to users by online brokerage firms. DeGiro chooses what IPO opportunities are available to their traders on a discretionary basis.

In-House Developed Trading Platform

DeGiro offers a browser-based HTML trading platform allowing traders to access the platform from any device which can connect to the internet. The trading platform was developed in-house which is one of the key ways in which DeGiro differentiates its services.

Although DeGiro’s in-house developed trading platform has a well-designed user interface, its functionality is lacking. The trading platform is well suited for those who are new to the financial markets but more advanced traders who want versatile functionality will be disappointed.

DeGiro users can also access the proprietary trading platform through a mobile app, designed for an optimal mobile trading experience. The DeGiro app is available on both Android and iOS.

DeGiro has partnerships with some financial exchanges facilitating direct market access for their traders. Orders in other markets are processed through STP brokering. Both provide traders with extremely attractive access to markets as they avoid a dealing desk. This means that traders do not have to be concerned that their order will return to them with a requote.

This makes DeGiro an attractive choice for beginning traders, especially when the lower trading fees offered by DeGiro are taken into account. However, when looking for more advanced trading tools, traders will find a better match considering our best trading platform brokers.

Fees That Go To Zero

The fees for DeGiro can go as low as zero on some products. Traders can take positions on a limited number of ETFs for no fees. However, after one ETF trade, users will be subject to a fee.

DeGiro has educational resources available on their websites which range from the basics of trading to guides explain how the financial markets operate. Although they have a vast educational library, DeGiro does not focus on publishing regular market analysis and news developments as other major brokerages do.

DeGiro traders can find customer support from 7 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday. Based on TrustPilot reviews, DeGiro users are mostly happy with the service with the online brokerage scoring a rating above four out of five stars.

Making a Decision on DeGiro

When taking all of the trading services into account, DeGiro is most suitable for beginner traders. The easy-to-use trading platform combined with the discount fees on some trading products makes it the ideal choice for a trader starting out in the financial markets.

For traders seeking regularly updated market analysis published by the broker or a trading platform with a vast selection of trading tools, other brokers will be worth reviewing. The Choosabroker best CFD broker review contains brokers that regularly release high-quality analysis while also having more versatile trading platforms.

Financial traders who want to participate in IPO opportunities or purchase bonds will find such markets available with DeGiro. Traders who wish to access the cryptocurrencies markets will be forced to look elsewhere. For access to the cryptocurrency markets, traders can consider online brokerages eToro, XTB, and easyMarkets. Users will also be able to access social trading opportunities with eToro.

European traders who are relatively new to the financial markets will find a great fit with DeGiro due to the easy-to-use trading platform. Additionally, traders who want to improve their bottom line will benefit from the low fees of DeGiro. Overall, DeGiro is a strong discount broker for beginning traders.


DEGIRO offers various educational content that you can use to learn about investing. You will mainly learn from the DEGIRO investor’s academy, which is the broker’s hub for investment knowledge. You can understand how investing works, which products to invest in, and which strategies to employ in the academy.

Degiro Trade

You can start by taking DEGIRO’s ten investing lessons if you are a beginner. The lessons will teach you the fundamentals of investing and introduce you to key concepts. The lesson can also aid you in determining what type of investor you want to be, explaining the various financial products available to you, and assisting you in selecting your first stock.

DEGIRO also provides investing strategy guide in its education section. The course is divided into eight sections, with the first being technical analysis.

Degiro Education

DEGIRO has a blog section where the company posts insights about investing. The company also offers educational articles explaining bonds, stocks, funds, and other important trading knowledge. Unfortunately, the broker rarely uploads new articles. 

Degiro Trade News

DEGIRO also provides a documentary series titled the True Stories of Investing. You can watch this documentary on DEGIRO’s YouTube channel but you can also find other educational videos on the channel, such as the Investor’s Academy series.

Degiro Discovery


FlatexDEGIRO Bank Dutch Branch is the legal entity behind the DEGIRO. The bank is primarily supervised by the German financial regulator, the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin). The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) is in charge of DEGIRO’s integrity in the Netherlands, while the broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the U.K. 

If you are DEGIRO’s client, you are entitled to investor protection for up to €20,000 in securities. Your uninvested cash in your DEGIRO Cash Account will be protected up to €100,000.

Your assets are segregated into separate entities, protecting them in the event of DEGIRO’s insolvency. If the segregated assets cannot be returned, DEGIRO is covered by the German Investor Compensation Scheme. This Investor Compensation Scheme will compensate any losses from non-returned assets up to 90% with a maximum amount of €20,000. Unfortunately, DEGIRO doesn’t provide negative balance protection.


How can I register a DEGIRO Account?

You can register a free account through the DEGIRO app. To create an account, you must be at least 18 years old and have valid identification. Unfortunately, You cannot register a DEGIRO account if you are considered a U.S. citizen under IRS guidelines.

Can I transfer my DEGIRO portfolio to another broker?

Yes, you can move your portfolio to a different broker by filling out an Outgoing Transfer Form and emailing it to Please keep in mind that additional costs are associated with transferring a portfolio.

These fees will be your responsibility in the case of an outgoing portfolio transfer. Each exchange has its own set of fees, and if you want to get more information on the exact fees, you can contact the service desk.

Can I close my DEGIRO account? 

You can close your DEGIRO account without receiving any cost or penalty. However, Before closing your account, please ensure that it is empty, which means that no positions are held, real-time subscriptions are disabled, and all funds have been withdrawn.

Once your account is empty, you can email the DEGIRO service desk so they can close it for you. It can take up to 30 days to close your account because all outstanding fees must be charged first. 

What does DEGIRO do with my personal information?

DEGIRO protects all your data, and you have the right to access this information under GDPR. You can contact DEGIRO’s service desk to request a right of access via email.

You can also ask for DEGIRO to erase your personal data, but please be aware that, per AML regulations, GDPR requires DEGIRO to retain your data for seven years if you have made a deposit. However, your data will be automatically erased after seven years if you make an erasure request. 

Are there any fees associated with trading in another currency?

Yes. If you enable AutoFX, your funds will be converted automatically when you trade in another currency. But you will be charged with AutoFX fee when this conversion occurs, which is 0.25% of the amount converted. You can also enable manual currency handling and manually convert a lump sum.

Manual currency conversion costs 10.00€ plus 0.25% of the amount converted. 

When you have a currency conversion on your account, the entries F.X. Credit and F.X. Withdrawal will appear in your Account Statement. These are not fees but the way the foreign currency transaction is recorded in your base currency.

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