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S&P500 daily chart

Market Update 07.02.2022

Market Outlook 07.Feb.2022 Disclaimer: For entertainment and educational purposes. Not financial advice. Make sure to do your own research prior to investing. We do not want to have a bullish or bearish bias but rather use technical analysis and intermarket analysis to tell us where the market could be headed next. Let’s get started: Market …

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Traders of CFDs and ETFs

CFDs & ETFs explained

The Contract for Differences (CFD) and the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) are two financial instruments that have garnered great favor and popularity with traders. This is justifiably so since the characteristics of the two instruments are perfectly tailored for short-term traders, as opposed to long-term investors. There are a number of brokers that specialise in CFD …

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Small boy dressed as a trader

What’s day trading?

Whether it is in relation to Forex, digital assets such as bitcoin or even mainstream stocks, Day trading has been receiving what I would term as an inordinate amount of praise. First, let’s put the record straight on what Day trading is not. Day trading is not an investment where you bet on the value …

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Day trader looks happy

Day trading stocks or Forex

Trading is one of the most exciting, yet challenging careers in the world. Whether you trade the Forex market or invest money in stocks, chances are very high you have struggled at one time before you started making consistent profits from this market. For this very reason, many people quit this profession. However, things have …

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Why Choosing The Wrong Broker Hurts

An investment broker is expected to be a significant asset for your market connections. This is because they link the investors to the markets, and allow them to purchase bonds, stocks, and other securities effectively. Unfortunately, the brokers we have in the field today are not the same. Some are experienced and professional while others …

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Commodities Trading: The Basics

Commodities trading is in many ways similar to stock trading with respect to the mechanics of trading both markets. Stock trading is done at a centralized exchange like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Similarly, commodities futures are also traded at a centralized exchange such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Just like stocks, both …

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How to compare online stock brokers

Finding the perfect broker for your full time day trading job is really hard. Over the past few years, hundreds of online brokers have been established to offer financial trading services. Some of them are doing really great and offering premium quality trading services, but some of them are horrible, and their clients are losing …

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Should I Invest In ETFs Or CFDs?

With so many investment vehicles having been introduced in the market in the past few years, it’s not surprising that most investors continuously ask to know the best option for them. Among the top products which many investors seek are ETFs and CFDs. The two investments are commonly confused, but they are the not the …

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